Scenario for a million – review of the board game

Sometimes you get out of the cinema with a Hollywood blockbuster with the thought “I’d do it better” or “I would write this movie too”. Probably yes, because in the current industry of the largest blockbusters it is not difficult to indicate the trend of matching stories to the widest possible audience. We’ll say that it makes films a bit shallower, but at the level of the challenge of creating a big blockbuster movie, it still seems very intriguing. And how much you can find out when you play with the publisher Portal Games, the game Scenario for a million.

We play the roles of film producers and scriptwriters. The new proposal from Portal Games is a simple card game that divides players into producers, and two (or if you prefer three teams submitting a script). What can be noticed in the game is immediately visible to our imagination. We have rules, written quite clearly, which we can stick to, but a little creativity will quickly be able to diversify our gameplay. A large part of the game can be creatively improvised and the rules are not very rigid. A bit like in the movie business.

The course of the game is divided into several phases, and each of them is to lead us to a film script that will capture the crowds and which will prevent James Cameron from being called the king of the world with his Avatar. First, we choose a producer who will throw an idea for the film and present this concept to the screenwriting teams. The game is divided into five stages, during which the producer orders both teams to come up with all the elements of the film’s plot. After each of them, the manufacturer scores one or the other team with concepts, on the other, possibly picking up individual ideas. At the same time, you have to take care of everything, the main plot, heroes, cast and a captivating story. We have two variants in the game, one is to create genre cinema, the other is simply a blockbuster in which you can think about throwing characters from all fairy tales into others. The latter option, although intended for groups a little less familiar with each other and with the game, seems to be more interesting to me.

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The biggest advantage here is improvisation and the ability to adapt the game to virtually any group of friends. Before the game, depending on the level of your knowledge, advancement of film knowledge, as well as the desire to go deeper into the secrets of the film’s imagination. In addition, playing the band cards cleverly tells us who is best suited for what, so less connected band members, without great speaking talent, can try to chant movie music or sound effects.We can cast our film as Ryan Gosling as well as the talented young Polish actress you saw recently at the Studio Theater but you don’t remember her name. If knowledge of the acting market, whether in Poland or abroad, is lower, an athletic hunk named Joe can easily be used. There are also moments in the game that will allow us to act in the entire team, because the biggest brainstorming offers us the choice of the main character, antagonist and protagonist’s assistant. And the card options are plenty. Of course, you can always add your own.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a movie, or had an interesting idea, this is a position that will allow you to present it at least at the conceptual stage. I sound a bit lofty here, but Scenario for a million allows you to design really interesting stories that may make some of your buddies discover a talent for screenwriting. And although the producer’s questions are rather straight from modern Hollywood, you can always do something like what James Gunn recently did with a simple superhero story, which is a gem of unlimited imagination in other matters. It is certainly easier in a scenario in which the main character is an eminently gifted supporter of the undead Nazis, fanatically protecting a dark secret.

Scenario for a million you can buy HERE. We would like to thank the Portal Games publisher for the review copy.