Severed Steel review. SUPERHOT’s romance with Ghostrunner

When SUPERHOT was released on the market in 2016, the industry fell into a literal momentary consideration as to whether more production would benefit from the revolutionary solutions proposed by the Polish turkey. Playing with time, which was not a simple carbon copy of Max Payn’s bullet time, seemed extremely attractive at the time. Unfortunately, whether it was the difficulty of implementation or the simple lack of ideas for creative use and development, no one was eager to compete with SUPERHOT.

It took four years for anything to move on the topic. In 2020, Ghostrunner and SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete had their premieres. While the former is still on my pile of shame, I had the pleasure to review the MCD. If pleasure is not an abuse, because as you will learn from the review (click), this game has caused quite ambivalent feelings in me. So much so that for a moment a thought crossed my mind. It’s already? So much? A little rain from a large cloud? Did this promising superhot-like genre end before it even started for good?

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It took another turkey to restore my faith and feel like I was playing SUPERHOT for the first time in 2013 with an internet demo. Although the game is not really a 1: 1 SUPERHOT, because instead of precision and tactics, it focuses on dynamics and sharp carnage. Instead of standing still and making tiny steps for the balls to slowly pass us, we run, slide, jump on walls and do all the other acrobatics to literally become faster than bullets. Severed Steel ahead of you. One of the best shooters of the year and it’s way too quiet about it.

I must admit that the premiere took me by surprise as well. I had my first contact with this game a few months ago, when shortly after watching the show at the fair, I was playing a demo on the occasion of one of the Steam festivals (click). I liked it immediately, I added it to my expected list and I was convinced that it would not be released until next year. And here you are, she left now without any advertising. Well, it is not for me to judge the marketing moves of the creators. What matters is that once I started the game, I fell in love with it.

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Those few months ago I found Severed Steel to be SUPERHOT on steroids. Do I stand by my opinion? Yes and no. This game evokes obvious associations with SUPERHOT, but at the same time is its complete opposite. In this case, you become immortal as you move around. When you run on walls and slide, the bullets pass you. When you stop or slow down, you die. Severed Steel is about being on the go. And this one is delicious. Movement can be chaotic sometimes, but it’s such a nice spectacular chaos. The great variety is especially pleasing.And many others.

So what is the common element with SUPERHOT, since in one game time stands still when we do not move and in the other we have to move constantly? In Severed Steel, time always slows down while aiming. Despite the fact that the game is as fast as Ostrich Runner, while doing acrobatics, we can slow down time and target the enemy. It is this bullet time that evokes associations with the Polish turkey. Veterans of the SUPERHOT challenge mode who have mastered Mario jumpy will feel right at home here. But but! It is not so easy and we fill the slowdown with killing enemies. So a nice loop is created: the better we kill, the more bullet time we have, the better we can kill. And that’s great because it rewards a skillful and aggressive way of playing.

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And this one is even required to achieve perfection. Severed Steel is a difficult game. From the first seconds of each level, it accelerates to 300 kilometers per hour and does not slow down until all enemies are killed, so that you can breathe a little and move on to further slaughter. It requires constant focus and maneuvering your fingers on the keyboard. You can sweat! This formula works well with short levels. Thanks to this, death does not hurt and we want to play again after each defeat. It also favors the fact that it can be launched in flight. Need to leave for school or work in 5 minutes? Okay, one quick Severed Steel to start the day off!

For real hardcore players there is also a superhot mode in which we only have 1 HP and we die after each ball. I recommend you to play with it during one of the passes, because it is during it Severed Steel shows how much you have to be skillful to master the boards. Unfortunately, this is a very short game. Completing all the maps once is only enough for three hours. It is true that SUPERHOT also ended at a similar time, but apart from the campaign, the game had a various challenge mode that already provided fun for thirty hours. In Severed Steel, the only change is the additional mode with repeating levels for points *.

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The production may not look extraordinary, but remember that it is a fairly low-budget project. However, don’t let the uglier graphics deceive you, because the game has one more feature. The last ace out of your sleeve is destructible surroundings. Not fully, of course, but Severed Steel gives you a lot of fun to smash walls. With more powerful equipment, you can cut through them like butter. The enemy is behind the obstacle? Instead of walking around it, you can simply shoot through it. During the fight, holes are left in the floor, walls and ceiling; the bullets also pass nicely through the glass, not destroying the whole glass, but only leaving holes in it. If we go through the level after killing everyone, we will see the extent of the damage done by the stray bullets.Maybe it will still be corrected, but at least in the premiere state, there were no Polish characters in it, and the text did not fit into the windows. Therefore, I quickly switched to English. But take it easy, there’s not much text here. In fact, there are hardly any of them. We have a story, but it’s kind of #nikogo, because it is presented literally in a few seconds long comic cutscenes after each chapter. Severed Steel is all about pure and unlimited gameplay.

And it is this gameplay that makes Severed Steel a must-play for fans of dynamic shooters. Thanks to the combination of solutions associated with SUPERHOT and parkour acrobatics, in order to force the player to be in constant motion, a miracle has been created that releases in everyone hidden layers of skills, about which we often do not even know. We feel like a perfect killing machine here. As I said at the beginning; it’s one of the best shooters of the year and it’s way too quiet about it.

* The game has a built-in level editor and Steam Workshop support, so you can download community-made maps and create your own. Currently, there are a few boards available, but the question arises as to how many recipients will want to play with it, since the game is not very popular.