Skate City review

In June, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 will have its premiere on the Nintendo Switch console. Before that, however, digital skateboard fans have two other options – Olli Olli or Skate City. In this text, we will deal with the latter item.

Skate City is a production of programmers from Agens and Room 8 studios. Previously, it debuted on mobile devices, and at the beginning of May, versions for the most important consoles and PC were released. We took care of the port on Nintendo Switch, because the authors themselves gave us this option. According to them, Skate City is the most fun on this platform.

In Skate City, we play the role of a skateboarder who takes part in various challenges in Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. Each city has several dozen challenges in which we have to, for example, score the required number of points for tricks, win a race with another skateboarder, or perform the appropriate number of tricks. When we complete the challenge, we earn in-game currency that allows us to unlock skill points or new clothing options. In addition to challenges, there is also a free ride. It consists in overcoming a looped route (in 2.5D it is of course possible to do this) and performing additional tricks and challenges.

The controls in Skate City are quite intuitive, and if you’ve played any skateboarding game, you should probably get to the basics quickly. And this is me, a guy playing Tony Hawk on the keyboard. Pressing the “A” button pushes the skater forward, and by tilting the left (Ollie) and right (Nollie) knobs you perform tricks. With bumpers you can spin in the air, and the ZL and ZR buttons allow you to pull the trick after landing (manual). The same buttons are also used for grinding, where we additionally need to pay attention to keeping the balance. It is known that making tricks in Skate City is not as spectacular as in THPS, but learning and achieving results are very enjoyable.

However, the problem with this type of games is that there is not enough variety in them. You can even see it in the locations themselves – there are only three that don’t even look very different from each other. It’s a pity, because the authors were able to make great backgrounds and the whole thing looks very good for a mobile turkey. The lack of panache is also visible in the challenges. I even missed something like collecting SKATE letters as in the competitive series. I think that it was safe to try these types of things, because they are more memorable than other customization options.

Exactly – customization. Standard option that allows you to roll over too much cash in these types of games. You can change the appearance of your character, equipment, there are several options to choose from. Interestingly, you can also buy upgrades for your skills or special tricks.However, I have to lower it by half a point due to the frame drops in the Switch version. I can only guess that there is no such problem on other platforms, so you will probably have fun on the next genes or PC. Overall, however, if you are looking for a challenge and a really great gameplay, then do not hesitate – try the competition’s titles ..