Sniper Review: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. Sniper for a medal

CI Games, after a cool reception of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, decided to change the game production policy. It was found that it would be a better idea to focus on smaller titles. The effect of the new policy was Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts, which was released at the end of 2019. Instead of an open world, we received semi-open locations with several tasks to be performed, and the order in which they were performed depended on us – so the mission structure could be compared to, for example, Hitman, only on a larger scale. After all, we played a sniper. It turned out very decently – although the studio did not avoid a large number of bugs again.

Several months later we get Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, and whether it met my expectations (much greater than the first one), you will find out from this review.

Right in the middle of tar… conflict

Contracts 2 does not stand out from its predecessor when it comes to history. Once again we find ourselves in a country torn by various conflicts. Kuamar, somewhere between Lebanon and Syria, has been ruled by a dictator for many years, but when he dies and his wife now wields power, things get even more complicated. This is a good time for our sharpshooter, Raven, on a lonely mission, during which we have to eliminate a small list of people, including the dictator’s widow herself. The campaign again consists of five missions with different objectives and locations. CI Games decided to make each of them as unique as possible and even managed to do so. During this several-hour campaign, in addition to eliminating the targets, we will sabotage the oil fields, save the journalist by paving the way for him to escape from prison, or recover important data for our clients. The variety has paid off, because you can’t complain about boredom. Just a pity for this last mission, which seemed to be such a trailer. There were 5 missions in one, and two, but the latter is very short – the location is small and the objectives are easy to download.

Each task performed is an appropriate injection of cash, and for the money we get, we can buy weapons and gadgets. Interestingly, we don’t have to complete all the tasks to collect the money. After completing one of them, we can go to the exfiltration points located on the map and save our progress. At this point, we can also immediately spend the money on shopping for these things. If we were not enough, there are also special challenges related to our tasks to complete, such as, for example, kill the target by an explosion or do not raise the alarm.

Pimp my rifle

In general, three missions allow us to take out a few targets from long distances, in the other two, more emphasis is placed on stealth and silent close quarters elimination.Nothing prevents you from playing stalking and wreaking destruction every time, but close contact ends in death very quickly. The creators convince the player to carefully plan each action. For each action, we can take a sniper rifle, secondary and side weapons. The arsenal is decent, but it’s a shame some rifles were thrown into the DLC. Sniper rifles differ in terms of damage dealt and range. A few elements are subject to customization, the more important ones (assembly of a silencer, other sight or magazine) and those of no great importance (camouflage – some of them are also available in the DLC). The secondary weapons include shotguns, submachine guns and rifles, just in case the situation gets out of hand. In the sidearm – pistols.

However, it is not only additional weapons that can provide an advantage on the battlefield. As in the first part, our sniper can use some interesting gadgets that will be worth their weight in gold at higher difficulty levels. These are i.a. drone, sniper turret, grenades, mines and traps to lure enemies. The first two are the most important and worth discussing. The drone is great for reconnaissance – we can determine the positions of enemies or hack computers, and the sniper turret will help us shoot several enemies at once. You have to be sharp and quiet, as I mentioned before, fighting at close range does not make sense. It is not even about the increased difficulty of such fire exchanges, but about the average AI of the enemies. A second after the alert is raised, Contracts turns into fending off a zombie march to our position. If we are still somewhere far away, enemy snipers will start hunting us, but when we find a huff in missions where we have to sneak more, this type of action spoils the fun. In one such situation, I think I killed 30 enemy soldiers within 2 minutes.

Same but better

Honestly, this is one of the few flaws of the new Sniper. There are definitely more positives, when these moments are discarded, we get a very good shooter. Less skilled players will appreciate a number of facilitations when taking down enemies, and the more hardcore ones will have a chance to show off. The missions are rewarding beyond the finale, but are pampered more than the ones in the first one. CI Games drew conclusions and prepared a wider range of tasks. Nor have I noticed too many bugs that plagued the first Contracts. Fans of the predecessor will feel at home here. Same interface, assumptions, schematics – why mess around with something that works?

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 runs on the CryEngine engine, this is already a standard for the next parts of the series.screen above). The most beautiful games of this genre are missing, but there is no reason to be ashamed. Optimization is also good, which cannot be said, for example, in the case of another Polish shooter, the reviews of which you will read next week.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 – is it worth it?

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is the best shooter from CI Games. In our list, which I highly recommend, we put Contracts first. However, the “two” is a very good continuation – it does not turn everything upside down, it polishes and refines the solutions that worked earlier. I will not be offended by the next installment of this type, maybe in Latin climates, for example? I also think that CI Games could come to terms with more classic shooters. They have left a few brands from previous years, one of them can be reactivated. For my part – I recommend, fair price (PLN 100), good gameplay, you will not regret it …