Sony bought specialists for porting games to PC

Sony has decided to seriously expand its list of in-house game studios. Earlier this week, the Japanese announced the purchase of Housemarque, and today it became known that the Danish studio Nixxes Software is moving under the roof of the Japanese.

Oddly enough, Nixxes Software is known primarily not for its own projects, but for porting other people’s console games to the PC. Other ports by Nixxes include Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the all-new Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Avengers. Plus, the studio at one time helped the same Sony – or rather, their wards Guerrilla Software – with the preparation for the release of Killzone Shadowfall.

In a word, Nixxes Software is the ideal assistant for Sony in its new quest to transfer to the PC as many large exclusive projects from the recent past as possible. Recall that games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone have already appeared on the platform. In addition, rumors are circulating on the Internet about the upcoming computer re-release of Uncharted 4.

Also in the Sony collection there are such interesting things as Bloodborne, God of War and Spider-Man ..