Sound settings in CS:GO

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, sound helps to gain an advantage over opponents. But to use it, these sounds must be determined very quickly and accurately. Below we have collected settings that will help you get the most out of the game sound prompts.

Sound card

Having a dedicated sound card in your computer is definitely great, as the difference with and without it is simply striking. High-end motherboards have great sound, but a separate sound card is still a priority. Thanks to it, some players can even hear the quietest sounds coming from somewhere very far away, or understand where the enemy is – above or below them.

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Another important story is good headphones. If you really want to get the most out of sounds in CSGO, then this is exactly the case when you need somewhere (at least for the time of purchase) to hide your inner curmudgeon. A sound card plus good headphones are more than worth the money in CSGO.

Also make sure that the headphones are connected to the sound card, and not just to the motherboard. To use a wireless connection, you need support for Bluetooth and modern audio transmission protocols on the computer’s Wi-Fi adapter and the headphones themselves.

Also make sure that the headphones are connected

In-Game Settings and Windows Settings

The very first setting that needs to be set in the game is to set the “Sound Device Type” to the “Stereo Headphones” setting, and also turn off the “Enhanced 3D Sound Processing” setting. Also, make sure your sound card drivers and Windows settings are also set to stereo. The most commonly used audio format in CS:GO is 16 bits at 44100 Hz, so we advise you to set these settings in Windows.

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In Windows 10, these settings can be found by clicking the speaker tray button, selecting Sounds, finding your headphones, right-clicking on them, selecting Properties, and finally the Advanced tab. It will also be useful here to disable the use of the device by applications in exclusive mode.

Popular config commands

Now it’s time to delve into the configuration commands. Below we have collected some of the most popular audio commands that are written in the CSGO config.

volume “0.2” is the overall volume slider for the entire sound. Here you can set the number flesh up to 1.

voice_enable “1” – this enables voice chat with other players. Setting this to 0 will disable voice chat.

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voice_scale “0.5” – here you can set the volume of your teammates’ voices.It sets the volume of the 10-second warning. Hearing it, you will know if you have time to clear the bomb or not.


Commands that turn off optional music

snd_musicvolume “0”

snd_menumusic_volume “0”

snd_roundend_volume “0”

snd_roundstart_volume “0”

snd_deathcamera_volume “0”

snd_mapobjective_volume “0”

Commands to improve audio navigation

snd_front_headphone_position “xx.x” – Replace xx.x with your screen resolution (e.g. 43.2 for 5:4, 45.0 for 4.3, 50.2 for 16:10 or 53.2 for 16:9).

snd_rear_headphone_position “90.0” – a slight adjustment of this setting will allow you to better understand which side the sound is coming from.

snd_headphone_pan_exponent “1.2” – sounds at medium and far distances become louder, but close sound cues are not affected in any way.

snd_headphone_pan_radial_weight “0.5” – allows you to determine the sound source by decreasing and increasing its volume.

Testing sound settings

There are several modding cards to help you determine what sound settings suit you best:

  • —Sound Training
  • —Audio Test Chamber

Just subscribe to them, and then you can find them in the game itself in the workshop..