Space Commander: War and Trade review. A space-based conquest

From year to year, “Mobilki” are becoming more and more complex, trying to break with the harmful label of “toilet games”. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that their creators more and more often decide to transfer them to consoles and computers. After all, why limit yourself only to mobile platforms. The Polish Home Net Games, among others, had ambitions to conquer “large” markets, whose space “latad” Space Commander: War and Trade first flown from smartphones on PC, and recently also landed on Nintendo Switch, i.e. the platform closest to smartphones of all available on the market today.

Shepard at home:

In Space Commander: War and Trade we play the role of the eponymous commander of a fighter squadron. Humanity has long since liberated itself from the earth’s fetters and has colonized the entire solar system. Classically, along with the progressive expansion, the number of natural resources began to decline, resulting in escalating conflicts, and finally open war between individual political groups – while we found ourselves at its very heart. It sounds really good on paper, but in reality Space Commander: War and Trade is a fictional shoal. You will forget about the events presented here a moment after you see the credits, mainly because of the way they are presented. The heroes never meet face to face, so the plot is only pushed through non-dubbed radio conversations. It is not conducive to “premise” and it is relatively easy to lose interest in the main plot or simply turn off for a moment, mindlessly clicking through the following dialogues. The protagonists’ creations are not too impressed, because they are so bland that at times he doesn’t really remember who and why I work with. How poorly the story was drawn is best evidenced by the fact that Space Commander: War and Trade failed to keep my attention, even though it can be completed in about three hours.

It sometimes happens that before we can dock at a given station, we first have to clear the enemies that are attacking it.

Fortunately, the plot is not the most important thing here, so Space Commander can forgive any shortcomings in this matter. After all, it is originally a mobile game, so it is supposed to work best during short sessions, often in places where we cannot allow ourselves to be fully focused. In such conditions, Space Commander: War and Trade should work really well – short dialogues provide all the information needed to understand the context, but they are not prolonged, thanks to which we can set off to conquer space a few moments later. However, I must admit that I would be much more willing to do it if I was involved in the storyline.Space Commander: War and Trade offers two additional campaigns – in the first we will take part in a simulated captain’s combat challenge, in the second we will conquer the Tau Centi system, fighting not with humans, but with alien races. Again, however, these are fictionalized additions rather than stories to immerse yourself in.

Commander, and the invoice?

The game definitely has the advantage of diversifying the gameplay, because nothing prevents you to break away from cosmic battles for a moment and play as a cosmic merchant or assume the role of “cosmic gold” and give a ride to a few customers. In the later stages of the game it will turn out to be necessary, because our ships do not regenerate automatically after each battle – fuel and ammunition cost money, not to mention repairing unavoidable damage. So it’s a pity that neither of these mechanics reaches their full potential, remaining only a substitute for what they could be. For example, it turns out quite quickly that it is not worth spending your time on side tasks consisting in eliminating pirates, because although the reward for completing this type of mission is high, there is a good chance that we will damage our ships during it, and then we will have to buy ammunition. . Therefore, it is much better to focus on the supply of raw materials, which we have to purchase with our own money, but the payment for their delivery exceeds the cost of their purchase even several times. I do not even mention transporting prisoners and trading in minor goods, because they only make sense when we cannot afford to buy the necessary raw materials.

At the station, you can dock with the press of a button, but you can also do it manually by flying to the green lights.

Money is therefore not a major problem here, but it is by no means a source of fun to own and spend. Most of them are spent on maintaining ships and their upgrades, which, after unlocking the appropriate perks in the skill tree, do not cost too much. Theoretically, you can buy new ships, but this has no practical application – four free ships, which you get during the campaign after a few upgrades, are enough to complete the game. In addition, since we can take up to four machines with us on a space cruise, we must store the excess number of machines in paid parking lots of various stations. Admittedly, at some point we get one “base” of our own, but the horribly unreadable map of the galaxy meant that after leaving it I never found it again.

Mobile autopilot

The mobile pedigree is also felt during battles, when it turns out that the control of the ship has been simplified as much as possible to make Space Commander: War and Trade playable on mobile phones.So if we only get too close to the enemy fighter we are chasing, we cannot simply slow down in order to be able to aim comfortably, we have to make a turn, hoping that the nibble will not fly away in the meantime. The inability to control the speed also radically affects the dynamics of the fight – they can be frighteningly slow, making you weary of constantly turning the wheels. You would like to press the brake to immediately find yourself behind the opponent that is warming your ass and repay him for being good. You can also forget about barrels standard for “latadeł” and this type of maneuver. The ship cannot be turned upside down, which is another mobile accretion forced by the implementation of accelerometer control.

Shields are not operational in the atmosphere. So much the worse for opponents …

In fact, the only substitute for tactics during skirmishes is redirecting energy to specific systems (shields, weapons and boosters, as well as all their combinations) or the use of a specific type of weapon depending on the attacked target (physical projectiles pierce shields, but they are expensive and it is not worth wasting them on targets without a shield). However, we can easily ignore it, because Space Commander: War and Trade is not a difficult game. In fact, the opponents are quite stupid, making up for their lack of intelligence rather with numbers and possible armor. However, you have to be prepared that our companions are as thoughtless as the enemy, so in combat they serve us rather as a quick replacement, when our ship runs out of all ammunition or takes too much damage (destroying a controlled ship is an automatic loss, regardless of the state of “health” other machines in our team) or as a decoy to opponents.

Is it worth buying Space Commander: War and Trade?

And I could still divorce and complain that the engines of ships are noiseless regardless of the environment (some space stations are embedded on the surfaces of planets), or that the version on the Nintendo Switch for some reason lacked touch control, for which the entire interface was designed , and with the use of an analog stick moves on it very moderately. These minor annoyances, however, do not change the fact that Space Commander: War and Trade is a surprisingly pleasant position. Oh, such a nice medium, with which you can have fun really well, as long as you turn a blind eye to the problems resulting primarily from the mobile pedigree. Anyway, it is on mobile phones that this title will work best, because it does not differ from the console version, except for the fact that some ships can only be purchased for real money.Also for free ..