Spellcaster University review. Enter the world of magic

Winterhold? You can get frostbite! Arethosis? Babiniec! Ban Ard? All boys! It’s a shame to even mention Hogwarts. After all, you cannot go to the toilet there, so as not to encounter a rabid troll. Choosing a magical university is an extremely important decision in the life of every young magician, on which your future will depend. It just so happens that there is only one university in the world that will turn even an ordinary Janek into a powerful archmage and will make the good Xul’Khthanghrzxl easily subjugate the army of the undead. Dear prospective students, let me tell you about Spellcaster University.

The student’s needs are the most important to us

Although our university may seem like a fairly standard private university, thanks to the innovative management method introduced by our management, Spellcaster University is one of a kind. Sure, we still need gold to pay for basic business costs (including building maintenance, salaries and, unfortunately, taxes), but this aspect is almost entirely negligible thanks to the application fees. We realize that thirty gold pieces for applying for admission to university is quite a lot and we could cut the price in half or even abolish it completely, but it is thanks to them that we can hire the best educated teaching staff. The same applies to paid meals and places in dormitories. Although students use these services less frequently, making them less effective, they get access to more studios and lecturers in return. There are still many students, even from poorer families, so we are convinced that our offer is the most advantageous. Besides, what would it be to study without a few sleepless nights and magically cooked sausages?

Picturesque and unusual locations are one of the greatest advantages of our university.

Our university educates students in five areas of magical knowledge: natural magic, magic of light and shadow, as well as arcana and alchemy. After your application has been successfully processed, you will be assigned to a class with a profile corresponding to your innate talents. After all, it would be pointless to waste time educating an aspiring alchemist in a direction other than alchemy, because we would be able to cope with this challenge, but a much more effective form of learning would be to assign him to a class that prioritizes the science of alchemy. It is worth noting that if you show a predisposition to other areas of magic, transferring to another specialization poses absolutely no problem. An important criterion in assigning a student is also his character and individual needs.We also attach no less importance to making you feel safe and at ease on the threshold of our academy, so we try to group students into groups of complementary character. So if you suffer, for example, from problems with self-esteem, don’t worry, we will not enroll you in a class full of hooligans.

We subject the teaching staff to a similar selection. We make sure to select the best possible lecturers for the needs of the university and students. However, it should be remembered that even with all the magical knowledge of the world, it is simply impossible to find an ideal candidate. Everyone has their own vices, we are only human after all. One will constantly deviate from the subject, thereby slowing down the speed of students’ learning, the other will prove to be terribly clumsy, which can have quite unpleasant consequences for students, and yet another will be pitifully greedy and demand double salary. These are the times, ladies and gentlemen … On the other hand, it may turn out that the aforementioned clumsy is an unfulfilled comedian who is able to present the subject in such a way that not only will the students not be bored, but will even want to attend his lectures. The greedy, on the other hand, may turn out to be a teacher with a phenomenal level of teaching, or simply transmit with you on one wave, significantly accelerating your learning speed. Although the situation may be quite the opposite, we try not to hire low-skilled lecturers, although I must admit that sometimes we stopped wasting time checking the impact of each candidate’s character trait on students and we focus only on a few most important aspects. Contrary to appearances, it is not so important in the context of the goals set by the university (which I will tell you about later), and it is not always possible to choose a good teacher.

Sometimes the atmosphere gets hot, but don’t worry, the location of the university is only a problem for architects.

Modern management system

This is due to the aforementioned modern management system, which malicious players could call “card games”. Well, our university and staff are built on the basis of decks of cards – five based on the fields of magic taught at Spellcaster University and one general, related to funds. When deciding to expand a building, we can never be sure what will be awarded to us. This provides a certain amount of excitement and prevents you from falling into the routine that plagues many other settings. However, we are not only reliant on our luck, because when buying a set of cards, we get a choice of three. Although we can only keep one, we still decide what will be most useful for the university at a given moment.In addition to other studios and utility rooms (private rooms, psychologist’s office, prison, etc.), we also find several types of items and creatures in the decks. The extra-curricular design not only makes their appearance more attractive, but also grants certain bonuses to the active in the room containing it, for example by reducing the speed of increasing your hunger level or by passively teaching new skills. The same applies to animals, which additionally move around the university. The teaching staff is selected on an identical basis, although in this case we get access to two CVs, and we only hire lecturers after building a new room.

“Are the tuition and application fees sufficient to cover it all?” Well, no, but luckily they don’t have to. We only pay with gold for the single most general deck that can contain anything. The other five we buy with, it will sound scary, mana generated by students. The principle is simple, the more students are trained in a specific field, the more mana points associated with it are generated, allowing us to invest in more rooms and items for the corresponding type of magic. The speed of the university’s development therefore depends primarily on the number of students enrolled, so initially our university developed quite slowly, but with the influx of new students, its expansion gained pace due to the snowball effect. Subsequent, better and better equipped laboratories gave the university prestige, thanks to which there were more and more applicants, which directly translated into the pace of development. However, I admit that I do not always understand this process myself, because it seems to be quite chaotic. My chancellor and I once tried to increase natural mana growth by prioritizing assigning students to a class focused on learning nature magic, even forbid teaching them other disciplines, but to our surprise, the effect was negligible.

Our university is visited by dozens of interesting people every year.

Meet the local community

I would also like to assure you that Spellcaster University places great emphasis on relations with our neighboring social groups. After all, we are not alone in this world, so we should remember about non-magical people. Therefore, it is worth paying tribute to the king from time to time, not to get caught up in the inquisition, which looks askance at the magicians, and from time to time help local peasants or make friends with the orcs. We communicate with them with the help of cute flying guinea pigs and depending on our resources and relationships with other social groups, we try to convince them to ourselves.Maintaining good relations is important because the factions sympathetic to us reward us with numerous benefits. For example, the king is now so pleased with our work that he awards us an additional 20 gold in funding for each student admitted. The same cannot be said at present about the orcs who got mad at us when we recently forbade them to eat the villagers. Now they come for tribute from time to time and they cannot be convinced by anything. Earlier we cited our alliance, but now we have to pay or prepare for their attack. Fortunately, our high level of education makes students deal with them once and twice. We are constantly working to improve our relationship, but for the moment … Well .. It’s nothing like practice, right?

Adventurous semesters

However, a huge problem is the Dark Lord, who crawls out of his dungeon every ten years and launches an assault on our university. There is no way to prevent it, and his army is too powerful even for us, so we periodically move the university to another place. Unfortunately, this means that we have to start over every time. Do not worry, each of the students still studying at the time of the attack automatically receives a diploma and, just like after the normal graduation, its future is predicted, which also affects the prestige of the university and provides us with certain bonuses (e.g. it reduces the cost of cards or increases the chance of applicants having specific character traits). Although it does not matter at all when moving, I personally care about the best fate of our pupils, so I sometimes apply to look at the crystal ball again. Usually this has a positive effect, though not always, I admit with heartache. It also goes without saying that starting over and over again can be monotonous. In fact, nothing else threatens us, and each new university, despite the modern management method, develops more or less similarly. Fortunately, our best magicians have invented the magical acceleration of time that makes a decade pass in just an hour. A certain variety are also the legendary books found during relocations, the content of which gives our next university a certain blessing and, unfortunately, also imposes a curse on it. It’s so good that, as in the case of cards, we can (and must) only take one volume of each type.

The group of bloodthirsty skeletons is not a problem for our staff and well-educated students.

Our primary mission now is to find a way to stop the Dark Lord once and for all. We try to gain allies in all possible places by performing a number of tasks for unique factions living in specific regions.The good thing is that these unique factions often require a bit more effort from us, asking for specific items like cheese or making a few potions for which the ingredients are made by our students, which is also a great learning opportunity, isn’t it? We estimate that in order to have any chance with the army of the undead, we must contact, or ideally form an alliance, with seven such factions. We have already made friends with the dwarves from the volcano and the pirates around the beach, and we are currently working on an alliance with the Sphinx living in the clouds. We have also heard rumors of mighty trolls, ancient monks inhabiting the mountains and many other peoples, but this is a song of the future, we try to focus on one faction at a time.

Is it worth enrolling in Spellcaster University?

I have already occupied you enough time, and yet I could still talk about the advantages of our university. Therefore, in a word of summary, Spellcaster University is an extraordinary university where you will not only acquire the knowledge needed in the life of every wizard, but also experience a lot of adventures, get to know a multitude of different races and mythical creatures, and you will have the opportunity to test your skills in practice. There are also numerous challenges waiting for those who are willing, which effectively hinder the course of education. However, it should be remembered that after some time the following years of study may start to become longer, and the material seems slightly repetitive and simple enough that it is simply impossible to “fail”, as students say. However, we reserve the right to preselect students on the basis of gender, IQ and wealth. However, if you meet the current criteria, submit your application and after paying the application fee, enter the world of magic with Spellcaster University ..