Statistics of Polish Online Games Players

The online games market is developing rapidly in Poland and around the world. New titles appear like mushrooms after the rain, taking advantage of the good times for the growing number of players. On the largest PC gaming site, Steam, the number of simultaneously logged in players is estimated at 20 to 20 million. And what is the number of players on computers, consoles and those who play online gambling for real money in Poland? You will find out in this article.

Games at online casinos in Poland

Internet gambling is developing rapidly in our country, despite certain legislative restrictions. Although the state-owned internet casino, run by Totalizator Sportowy, has been operating for several years, it has not gained many new players. The situation is different in the case of casinos where Poles play, but registered in such jurisdictions as Malta or Curacaco. This is also why every new online casino can count on growing interest.

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According to forecasts provided by Totalizator Sportowy, in a recently published report, by 2026 the number of revenues generated for online casino games will amount to PLN 1.32 billion. These estimates also indicate that while in 2019 the online casino market was worth PLN 159 million, in 2020 its value increased to PLN 326.9 million. We see a doubling of turnover here, and thus an increase in value by as much as 100%. The coronavirus pandemic certainly contributed to this, which changed the habits of players and prompted them to play on a computer or smartphone, with the abandonment of land-based casinos, closed for the time of lockdowns. At the end of 2021, this market is expected to amount to over PLN 569 million.

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The report also indicates that as many as 0.87 million people used online casinos with foreign licenses last year. The report does not accurately describe the distribution of data by device usage. However, we can confidently assume that it is similar across Europe and use the research of the British Gambling Commission. They showed that 66% of gamers play on computers, 50% on smartphones, and 18% on tablets. The percentage does not add up to one hundred here, as some players gamble on different devices. There is, however, a clear growth trend for mobile players in the statistics.

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Online games for computers in Poland

The number of Polish players has been growing steadily, at least since 2017. The profile of the typical gamer used to be that of a teenager, but now the gender composition is quite varied, with some more men over women. A typical gamer is also between 20 and 30 years old. The most popular platform for purchasing PC games is Steam. Most players play several times a day. The development of esports also draws attention. The esports games are mainly played by PC players.The most popular console in Poland is PlayStation (models 4 and 5), and after it players choose the last two models of Xbox consoles. The great interest in the game on consoles also comes from the extensive game dev market in Poland. Numerous hits such as the Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 series come from Poland and are available on most types of consoles. Console players choose more casual games, i.e. with simpler rules and a lower level.