Steam Banned Games Using Cryptocurrency And NFT

The Steam store has banned the publication of games based on the exchange of NFT tokens or cryptocurrency. The use of blockchain technologies is also subject to a ban.

The first to fall under the distribution of FPS Age of Rust. Tellingly, the game itself has not yet been released, only announced (but it was planned just for the end of 2021). Age of Rust was advertised as a first-person action-adventure with shooting and puzzles, NFTs would be given out as rewards for those same puzzles.

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Screenshot from the Age of Rust Steam page, now inactive:

The Age of Rust developers tweeted offended: “Steam’s point of view is that items have value and they don’t allow items that can have real-world value on their platform.” (Translation: “Steam believes that every item has value. And they don’t want things on their platform that might have real-life value.”)

The logic is truly iron, of course. Still remember what NFT is? Who does not decrypt right away, I will explain: NFT is a non-fungible token, a non-fungible (unique) token. In a simple way, a unique certificate stored in the blockchain and giving the owner the rights to a certain item. The object itself, which exists in reality (not blockchain), after receiving a certificate, can be trampled, torn, destroyed and fed to hungry barmaglots altogether. Because in the end it is not the object that is important, but its digital image.

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The first piece of art to be converted into an NFT token was a black and white stencil by artist Banksy, 2007 titled Morons (White). Blockchain company Injective Protocol bought it, burned it and created an NFT token. Welcome to the 21st century!

How do you like this logic of the future? I’m … strange. On the one hand, it guarantees the eternity of digital art. On the other hand, is the digital format eternal and is it necessary to burn pictures for the sake of it, even the authorship of Banksy, famous for its performances? In addition, the tokens are often far from being pictures of great masters: here is a frame from the animation “Crossroads” (yes, it has Donald Trump in tattoos), which was sold in NFT format for $ 6.6 million. Posted by Mike “Beeple” Winckelmann.

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Where this kind of money circulates, of course, fraud thrives and blows golden bubbles like Scrooge McDuck. In June of this year, the NFT market had already collapsed by 90% (“it never happened, and here it is again,” as my great-grandmother used to say). Do we want this in video games?

Back to Steam: the decision not to take risks with projects using NFT and blockchain seems quite reasonable. On Twitter, most people agree with Valve’s opinion.Well, it wouldn’t have turned out sideways for them ..

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