SteelSeries Rival 5 is on sale in Russia

With so many stuck at home last year due to the pandemic, the line between work and play became incredibly blurred – our gaming sessions in Overwatch and Warzone often took place literally at the same time as our meetings at Zoom. But a dedicated gaming mouse isn’t always suitable for such different genres, especially if you need to quickly switch from gaming to, say, Photoshop. Fortunately, SteelSeries has a solution – the new Rival 5 multi-genre gaming mouse, priced at RUB 6,900.

As the name suggests, this model is a step up from the budget Rival 3, but it’s actually more of a leap because the Rival 5 has much more in common with SteelSeries’ other more advanced model, the $ 80 Rival 600. it has an LED backlight that can be customized using SteelSeries Engine or GG software. In addition, it is right-handed and has 9 buttons, 5 of which are located on the left panel (that is, the one where your thumb is located). Among them are the already familiar “Forward” and “Back” buttons that most mice have, as well as an oblong panel just above them (it can be clicked in front and behind – the company considers these to be two different buttons) and an angular gray switch slightly in front.

In addition, SteelSeries continues to follow its recent trend of super-lightweight mice – the Rival 5 weighs just 85 grams. But how does it feel in practice? Before testing this mouse, I used the Aerox 3 Wireless – the one with the mesh – and it felt about the same. If you take them in both hands, the difference is negligible. Yes, lightweight mice are often very capricious (consider, poorly controlled), but you can always adjust the sensitivity for yourself – right up to 18000 cpi. In addition, Rival 5 can track tilt, so if you hit the table in a fit of anger after a loss, the cursor will calmly remain in place until you calm down.

The sensations from, in fact, the very use, remained the most pleasant. First, it has a matte plastic surface that is very easy to clean. Secondly, it’s nice to see SteelSeries seem to have ditched the rubber thumb pads, as they often got a little unkempt on previous models. The thumb button is a pleasure to use – even outside of the game. The gray angular switch may have been made for a reason, too, but it was hard for me to appreciate it because it is a little far away for my tiny hands.Unless it would have been a little smaller, so that it would be easier for me with my little thumb to reach the damn gray button ..