Stranger Things in Far Cry 6 – game post-launch support!

Far Cry 6 will receive a very rich post-release support package, including references to pop culture, as well as previous parts of the series.

Most of Ubisoft’s productions enjoy post-premiere support, i.e. all kinds of DLC and additional modes. The presence of this type of add-ons in Far Cry 6 is not surprising, but is it? Most likely, this production will outperform its predecessors with the number and variety of expansions. The add-ons contain many references to pop culture and the previous parts of the series.

Here are the most important of them. Special Operations will start in October, taking full advantage of the Expeditions in Far Cry New Dawn. In these unique missions, the protagonist will have to destroy the cancer drug smuggling facility called Viviro.

Then, in November, we will get the first part of the DLC in which we will play the role of Vaasa Montenegro, and with him we will have to survive – yes, just survive. Then, over the next few months, we will also receive a sequentially renewed version of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, as well as DLCs featuring Pagan Min and Joseph Seed.

In the following months, we will also receive Missions with Other Heroes, including a joint adventure with actor Danny Trejo (Desperado, Machete Kills) and his machete. The protagonist will also join forces with a Rambo fan, and will also visit Hawkins. Yes, that’s what Hawkins – the main character of Dana Rojas, will have to face the evil lurking on the Other Side. It will be an amazing collaboration between Far Cry 6 and the Stranger Things series.

The support plans after the release of Far Cry 6 are very rich, and the expectations for the entire production are even greater. Soon we will see if Ubisoft will cope with them.

Far Cry 6 was located on an island reminiscent of Cuba. The player will play the role of a revolution leader who is just taking his first steps. The protagonist will be helped by other heroes, including Amigos, i.e. friendly animals. These will be NPCs similar to the Fangs for hire from the previous game. The role of the main antagonist was played by Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian, Breaking Bad). The game premieres on October 7.