Stray Cat Simulator: New Trailer and Release Date

A new trailer for Stray has been released, showing gameplay and announcing an approximate release date of early 2022.

Stray is unique in that we play as a cat. And not for a simple tailed beast, but for a cat who found himself in a crumbling post-cyberpunk city inhabited by strange robots. On the way, the little wandering hero meets a flying B-12 drone, and together they are looking for a way out of this incomprehensible place with its eternal twilight and twisted streets.

Gameplay is finally visible in the trailer! Very feline, I must say: the hero drags things in his teeth, pushes beating objects from a height with his paw and sharpens his claws on furniture. And the natural dexterity of the tailed mustache will come in handy to jump on the roofs, air conditioners and windowsills of the city – everything is so tightly stitched here, the houses hang one above the other, you will probably have to travel “on horseback” to cut the path often.

And it is not surprising, because when creating the locations, the developers were inspired by the photographs and plans of the Kowloon Walled City! In this settlement in Hong Kong at the end of the eighties on the territory of 2.6 hectares lived 33 thousand people, and by 1990 – more than 50 thousand. 2.6 hectares is a piece of land measuring only 126 by 213 meters! The anthill city, with its narrow streets and unimaginable tightness, where mafia triads ruled almost to the very end, inspired many pioneers of cyberpunk, including William Gibson. This is how it looked from the inside:

Now Kowloon has been demolished, and a national park has been laid out in its place.

But back to the game. Judging by the trailer, after the cat makes friends with the B-12 robot, our hero will receive a stylish neon backpack and new abilities. We will be able to put items in inventory and communicate with the inhabitants of the city. And by the end, our drone will even learn to shoot! And it comes in handy: the lowest levels of the city are full of enemies. Until we learn self-defense, we will simply have to run away from them – cat claws and teeth, apparently, are not the best weapons here.

In this game, it is impossible, as it is now fashionable, to pet cats – but the cat itself can rub on its legs and ask to be stroked! And purr. Look forward to.

Stray launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in early 2022.