Super Meat Boy Forever review. I run, jump and throw meat

The original Super Meat Boy appeared a decade ago (I also had a hard time believing it has been so long) and has made quite a stir in the world of platformers. The production of Team Meat studio stole my heart immediately, mainly due to its style, humor, difficulty level and wonderfully designed levels. After completing Super Meat Boy for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, collecting all the bandages and going through each warp to unlock all kinds of characters, there was only one thought in my head – I want more. Ten years later I got … Something … But was that what I was counting on?

Super Meat Boy Forever – New Level Pack or a completely different game?

To be honest, my heart broke when I saw on Twitter that Edmund McMillen – the man who contributed to the creation of Super Meat Boy and then released the phenomenal The Binding of Isaac – had left Team Meat. I was afraid that Forever would not repeat the success of the first part, and I was sure that the sequel would only be a package of new levels. Nothing could be more wrong. In terms of gameplay, Super Meat Boy Forever is significantly different from its predecessor – first of all, we no longer have full control over the character, our meat boy rushes forward by himself, and we can only change the direction of its course by bouncing off the walls. So Forever is a classic auto-runner. Is this a good change?

To be honest my heart broke when I saw on Twitter that

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It depends, although summa summarum has brought me more frustration than pleasure. The control is essentially based on two buttons – the down arrow, by means of which the title character performs a slide, while attacking the opponents with his fist, and (in the case of the Nintendo Switch version) the B button, with which we jump and dash forward in air. Sounds banal, right? Don’t get your hopes up, because it is not like that at all.

Super Meat Boy Forever is a souls-like among platformers. Nothing has changed in this respect

Super Meat Boy Forever will give you an impression, I assure you. Often times, you will want to disconnect the joy-con and throw it against the wall, and each level will cause at least one scream under your breath … And very good! Honestly, I would be very disappointed if I went through the new Team Meat production like butter. Super Meat Boy is the platform version of Dark Souls and I’m deadly serious at the moment. The difficulty level increases not only due to the new movement system, but also due to the randomly generated levels. In Forever, after death, unlike the first part, we do not start the level from the very beginning – here we are dealing with a checkpoint system. However, this is no help, because the levels are much longer, and the segments between the checkpoints are randomly generated.Saw the collectible? I had to get it at all costs, dying an additional 47 times in the process. Noticed a warp out of the corner of my eye? I restarted the level to get to it. Super Meat Boy makes the player a masochist who begins to inflict pain and trouble on himself, taking on additional challenges, even though – believe me – seeing the credits is quite a success.

Super Meat Boy Forever will give you an impression I

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The game world after a decade is just as great. Super Meat Boy Forever doesn’t disappoint

The construction of the worlds is the same as before. Each of them takes us to a different location, thus continuing the story, and consists of 6 regular levels and one boss fight – these are devilishly difficult and all I ended up with 40 deaths on the counter. The last two duels made me tear my hair out of my head. However, I must praise Team Meat for its diversity, because each skirmish is interesting and unique, at the same time perfectly fitting the current world. The combat system, however, is also useful during normal levels – these are filled with malicious flies, worms and other strange creatures with which we need to open our nose to get through.

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Super Meat Boy Forever feature. Now that we saved Bandage Girl before, what do we have to do now?

In the first part, Meat Boy tried to save his beloved Bandage Girl at all costs. He finally made it, so what is his goal in the sequel? Equally noble! As we learn at the beginning of the game, the title character and his love have a baby girl named Nugget. They lead a beautiful and peaceful life until one day when a child kidnaps … the well-known Doctor Fetus. Nugget’s parents do not hesitate for a moment and immediately start chasing the cunning parasite. Cutscenes at the beginning and end of each world are phenomenal, mainly due to their humor and ridicule of all other productions at every turn. Nevertheless, the plot is quite engaging, and it is crowned with a really interesting plot twist. You will have moments of weakness and the will to give up, that’s for sure, but it’s worth going through it to get to know the whole story. I guarantee.

In the first part Meat Boy tried to save his

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The audiovisual setting in Super Meat Boy Forever looks like a decade ago, and yet still makes a good impression

The new Super Meat Boy looks exactly like it did ten years ago. But is there something wrong with that? Of course not! After the Team Meat platformer stands mainly in its audiovisual setting, any large graphic change would be a shot in the knee. The soundtrack is at the same high level as before. The music that accompanies us in the event of numerous deaths is excellent and encourages us to act. I have no objections to that.

Is it worth buying Super Meat Boy Forever?

Definitely yes.It’s a great production, giving the player an amazing impression, but that’s what I expect when I am launching the new Team Meat title. Many deaths are accompanied by great levels, various boss fights and a phenomenal audiovisual setting. While the gameplay has changed significantly, Forever is a worthy sequel, a flesh and blood sequel. It was worth the wait these ten years. I recommend the second part of the meat boy adventures with a clear conscience to all players, especially taking into account the low price of the production – at the time of the premiere, the game costs only PLN 69. Unfortunately, at the moment the title is only available on PCs with Windows and Nintendo Switch. Super Meat Boy Forever won’t be available for other platforms until next year, but it’s really worth the wait.

Definitely yes

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