Team Spirit became champions of The International 10

The Russian-Ukrainian esports quintet Team Spirit in Dota 2, unexpectedly for 99 whole and 9 tenths of the game fans, won the main prize of The International 10. Progamers Magomed Collapse Khalilov, TORONTOTOKYO Hertek, Magomed Collapse Khalilov, Ilya yatoro Mulychuk, Miroslav Mira Kolpakov Naydenov defeated the Chinese team PSG.LGD in the final with a score of 3-2, won the title of world champions and more than $ 18 million in prize money.

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Before the start of the final part of the competition, Spirit was considered, if not an obvious outsider, then definitely a dark horse. Nevertheless, already at the group stage, the team showed a strong result, breaking out into the upper bracket of the playoffs. Where, however, quickly flew out, losing in the first match to the quintet Invictus Gaming. From that moment on, Spirit had to knock out Fnactic first, then OG, loan Virtus.Pro, then take revenge from IG, then defeat Team Secret in order to eventually take the final streak of matches from LGD. Team Spirit became the first team from the CIS to become a TI champion in ten years. Before Spirit, only the original Natus Vincere Dota 2 roster managed to take gold in the tournament.

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Top 3 TI 10:

1st place: Team Spirit

2nd: PSG.LGD

3rd: Team Secret.