The best scopes in CS: GO from progamers

If you are looking for a way to customize your crosshair in CS: GO more professionally, then you are right there! We’ve taken the time to collect crosshairs from some of the best CSGO players in this article, including S1mple, device, kennyS, Zywoo and Stewie2k and many others. There are also such legendary figures as olofmeister, NEO or Scream.

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The settings for each of these scopes are attached below – you just need to copy them to your console. In addition, we’ll also briefly explain how custom scopes can be useful to you in general. Crosshair settings can be generated outside of the game on this site. You can also check out the Crashz Crosshair Generator v3 map.

The settings for each of these scopes

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Pro-scopes in CSGO: how and why

Now a little bit of the theory behind the idea of ​​a custom pro crosshair in CSGO.

Why customize your scope?

While, in theory, changing a regular scope to one of the pro-scopes doesn’t change anything, in practice it can add confidence in your own game. This is why so many amateur players decide to swap their regular crosshair for a pro crosshair.

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Admittedly, we don’t have any official research or sources to support this fact, but ask yourself: isn’t it cool to put your idol’s scope in your game? Moreover, this may concern not only the crosshair itself, but also the mouse or keyboard.

Admittedly we dont have any official research or sources to support this

Will this make me a pro CSGO player?

Let’s be clear. Yes, a pro-crosshair can add confidence in your abilities, but it certainly won’t make you a professional CSGO player. Thanks to him alone, you will definitely not become a new player for Team Liquid or Astralis.

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We suggest looking at this article from the following angle. This is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, right? And there are tons of options for adjusting the scope, right?

We suggest looking at this article from the following angle

So we recommend using our list as a starting point to create your own crosshair!

Which approach is better?

We advise you to go over all the options and choose from them those elements that you like best.

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If one of the scopes likes the color, go for the color. If in another you like the size and thickness – take them. This is also where the CSGO scopes generator can come in handy.

That’s all.