The first cards for “Magic: The Gathering” from the “Warhammer 40K” series are presented

Magic: The Gathering gave fans a first glimpse of the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 collaboration. Wizards of the Coast has confirmed that each of the four new decks will represent a different popular one. Necrons, Tyranids, the forces of the Empire and the forces of Chaos will be waiting for us. Two versions of the decks will be released – standard and Collector’s Edition with a new type of unprecedented “surge foil”.

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Abaddon, the Plunderer, representing the forces of Chaos:

The Blood for the Blood God card has also been revealed:

A Fabricate promotional card featuring Belisarius Cawel was also presented:

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To balance the forces of Chaos, the Vanguard Suppressor card will also be available:

In addition to announcing new cards, Wizards of the Coast also announced that they will be releasing three Secret Lair Drops featuring Warhammer 40K characters and art. Penalties linking Magic: The Gathering to the Warhammer franchise will be released on August 12, and the full announcement can be expected on July 26.

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