The premiere of the book “Hungry Forest” by Marcin Mortka!

The description comes from the publisher:

Peace is like chops in mushroom sauce: it ends too soon.

The princes descend secretly to Edmund’s tavern, known as the Cauldron, to discuss the Valley’s future. Recently, the trolls from Hungry Forest seem extremely active, and the only man who can talk to them – the knight Pogorzałek – has disappeared somewhere in that forest. The cauldron has no desire to serve the mighty (and self-righteous) of this world, but it turns out that there is a sure way to get him to do more heroic deeds. But would he handle the task by Sunday, as he had promised his wife?

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The Cauldron sets off on a mission led by a team for special tasks: the knight of Urgo, the elf Eliah, the old sorcerer Żychłon, the dwarf Gramma known as the Handyman, and the goblin of the Beast. They will have to fight more than one battle with the envoys of the Evil One, see through many intrigues, pass the test of mutual loyalty, fill their stomachs with delicacies, melt in the mud, and win the favor of kobuków – the most unpredictable inhabitants of the Hungry Forest …

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