The story of Oscar Lemaire’s Zelda series. The birth and flowering of a legend

I love Zelda with all my heart. And I love to play it, not read about it. I already had a book on the worlds of Zelda, where the chapters were dedicated to each specific game: here’s Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, here’s Breath of the Wild and other parts. I honestly did not finish reading it, putting it aside for some “later”. This one is different.

Oscar Lemaire, being a fan of the game, conducts a whole journalistic research, investigation, analysis, the whole discourse: what kind of team created the game, how it created it and what problems it faced. This is not a dry story, but a structured everything that was written and told about the games in the series, as well as what Shigeru Miyamoto, the main “conductor” of the bands of Zelda, Mario and other Nintendo games, thought. This is a complete monograph for both fans of the Zelda series and those who make or intend to make games. This is a cookbook with all the ingredients in order and in grams, secrets from the chefs of the game kitchen.

“Likewise, I made sure that the programmers always got enough sleep. You can’t work well if you don’t get enough sleep, “- the words of Shigeru Miyamoto.

It is amazing how much information Oscar Lemaire studied to write this book: here all sources, quotes, excerpts from interviews, articles, notes are indicated page by page. If you have suddenly not read anything about Zelda, then in this book you will learn everything.

And now you can tell a good game developer from a bad one. This is what the programmer Kazuaki Morita, who was directly responsible for all fishing in Link’s Awakening, shares:

“I’m practically bald,” he admits. – Actually, I always thought that work should be enjoyable. I usually didn’t feel stressed, but my hair was counted differently. Every day they became less and less. I even tried to wear a hat and it made me even more nervous. After a while, I decided that I had to come to terms. And then the hair stopped falling out. How many people who worked on Ocarina of Time can tell the same story? “

Oh yes, these creators are still clearly fans of their own games. And if you, like me, are waiting for the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild next year, then now you know what book to brighten up the time with ..