“There is always only fear at the end” – review of the book “Fear”

The end of humanity

Tomasz Sablik’s action of fear begins after the pandemic that killed almost all people. Only a handful of people survived, namely two marriages. Jakub and Julia live on the edge of a desert and a dark forest. They basically gave up the comforts and facilities people used before the pandemic. They don’t have running water or electricity; they live in a remote area anyway. They have Daniel and Marta as neighbors, who lost their children. They, on the other hand, are notoriously refueling, using electricity, and despite the end of the world, they still live up to a relatively high standard. And here, after three years of peace and quiet, a girl comes to Jakub and Julia’s hut. She is not an ordinary child; he draws strange symbols on the walls, instead of a cross on the wall he puts a triangle symbol made of connected sticks. In addition, she is young and attractive, and all this turns the peaceful life of two married couples in the wilderness upside down. And this is not the end of surprises, it is just an announcement of the upcoming horror.

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A handful of survivors

Tomasz Sablik’s book captivated me primarily with its subject matter. I love the post-apo atmosphere, and Anxiety stands out above typical patterns. There is no struggle for survival here, because so far in every city you can find a lot of supplies and there is nobody to fight for them. And here the elements of horror come to the fore. A stranger who theoretically does not seem threatening, but her behavior and strange symbols arouse the fear of the title. I like the idea for this story. The characters created by Tomasz Sablik are very realistic; they have their weaknesses and ideals. They try to live in a post-pandemic world in different ways. It is not easy, because the days can be mercilessly long, and in addition they are overwhelmed by the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness.

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I have no major objections to the issue. I only came across three typos. Besides, as always, I can praise the Vesper publishing house, especially for its extremely intriguing and amazing cover. Anyway, the dark, suggestive graphics in the book also look brilliant.

Is life worth living when mankind is extinct?

Tomasz Sablik’s fear took me by surprise. It began with engaging descriptions of the peaceful life of Jacob and Julia. The author skillfully showed how they support each other in difficult times and that life without technology is not easy, but on the other hand it has its own unique charm. However, when the stranger showed up, I became even more absorbed in this novel. I was curious from start to finish what it was all about, what these occult symbols were. I recommend reaching for Fear, because it is not only a horror or a post-apo story, but it is primarily a story about loneliness ..

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