Top Gamer Sex Symbols

The other day, on one of the sites, which masquerades as a gamer, they published the news: Ellen Page changed her gender. Users are perplexed: on the site about the games there are movie news … Yes shchaz! What are these comments doing there? Unsolvable Gaming Triangle: on the “gaming” site under the gaming news, readers who are not yet in the know.

Ellen Page

She was cool during Beyond: Two Souls. And then something didn’t grow together. A step to the left, a step to the right – popularity is lost, and few of the 50 commentators remembered it.

Lara Croft

Like this! She’s not Angelina Jolie, who happily gave up the role of Alicia Vikander in 2018. You can argue a lot about which of them is the real Lara and compare the ratings of the films. Two cool actresses who stayed in the hearts of gamers for a long time. And no such rating can do without Lara.

Milla Jovovich

Can you name at least one game with her? Are you at a loss? But her every first film is cool, and not only about zombies.

Josie Maran

Mariska from Van Helsing. Nothing remarkable if not for the role of Mia Townsend in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Dead or alive

Exactly. The entire series is one hopeless sex symbol. Once upon a time, everyone discussed the physics of the breast, but now this is not surprising.

Who are the skins for $ 5?

Cortana from Halo was suggested twice on the WatchMojo website, but I’ve never seen her in a swimsuit, so I can’t rate it. Chun-li? No, sorry, the taste and color of the markers are different. Overwatch? I don’t know those. And I add whomever I want to the top.

Okay, let’s also turn on Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII. By the way, she worked as a real model for the Louis Vuitton fashion house ..