Trek To Yomi review. Black and white work of art

Although I am far from fascinated with Japanese culture and folklore, Trek To Yomi is a game that caught my attention from the announcement – mainly due to the monochrome graphics in the style of the first films of the Japanese cinema icon Akira Kurosawa. Seven samurai in 2.5D and this from the native Flying Wild Hog – you can’t pass by indifferently. Except there aren’t seven samurai in Trek To Yomi, but there are one. But what kind. Alone against the thugs of this and not only this world. First things first. The action takes place in feudal Japan, and we play the role of Hiroki, a boy who, under the watchful eye of his master, is trained as a warrior. One of the training sessions is interrupted by disturbing events, and our hero follows in the footsteps of his Sanjuro to find out what is going on. It quickly turns out that the city has been attacked by bandits, so without thinking we grab the katana and deal with the opponents who ignore us. We manage to fight off the attack, but unfortunately our master, whom we swear to protect his daughter Aiko and the city, dies along with the warlord. Trek To Yomi

This is how the first of the seven chapters ends. Then the action takes us several years ahead, when Hiroki is the leader of the samurai and Akiro is in charge of the city. However, the situation from years ago repeats itself and the area is attacked by bandits again. Our hero, without thinking too long, sets out to avenge his master. Blinded by selfish motives, he forgets his oath, which turns out to be dire. And here I have to finish revealing the details of the plot, because discovering it is an important aspect that pushes us forward during the adventure lasting several hours. Throughout the following chapters, Hiroki makes his way through hordes of bandits, infected and ghosts from the mythical Land of Darkness, i.e. the title Yomi. It is not an overly complicated story, as it is based on a simple scheme of revenge from the very beginning, but setting it in the real world as well as in the land of the afterlife gives it an extraordinary atmosphere. An interesting game on the part of the creators is the implementation of a system of choices to the game that will affect our further journey and also its final. Ultimately, these decisions have a cosmetic impact on the story, but it’s a pretty interesting variation. Trek To Yomi

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Combat is at the heart of Trek To Yomi, so of course there is a lot of it, and at times it may feel like even too much. From about the middle of the game, I had the impression that the story was already moving towards its end, and the bodies of fallen enemies left behind their backs were one of the last.Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I was playing badly and I wanted to end the game as soon as possible. The problem is the lack of a proper balance between the narrative and the clashes, and I must admit that after reaching the last boss, I felt relieved that I was finally at my goal, which seemed to be at my fingertips for a long time. The combat system in Trek To Yomi is very interesting and, contrary to appearances, extensive. From the melee weapons, we only get a katana, which accompanies us throughout the game. The fights take place in a perspective typical of side-scroll games, i.e. we have to repel the attacks of opponents from the left and right. In order to turn around during the fight, it is not enough to just change the direction with the analog stick, which seems most intuitive, but you have to press a button on the gamepad or make the appropriate combination. I must admit that when you lose a lot of enemies, especially at the beginning of the game, this solution makes the game a bit more difficult. Our warrior can perform light and fast blows and strong but slower blows. During the game, we unlock many more offensive combinations that allow us to deal additional damage and deal with specific situations. There are also defensive combinations. Exactly – defense. It is the key to success, because it is with a successful action in the defense that we usually start our successful attack. The right timing when parrying blows means that we get a fraction of a second to hit the opponent with a lethal series. A moment of hesitation may not only mean a lost chance for an effective attack, but also a loss of life or a large piece of your health bar. The battles in Trek To Yomi are very fast, and the series are dealt literally in the blink of an eye. It is not difficult to die, and on the second and third of the three levels of difficulty available at the beginning, joyfully swinging a sword without focusing on defense will not find any reason. Another element that we need to pay attention to during clashes is stamina. It is consumed by both blocking blows and our attacks, and its loss means a temporary helplessness, during which we cannot deal blows or effectively defend ourselves against them. In clashes with more opponents, losing stamina often means quick death. So sometimes it’s worth cooling down your enthusiasm for quickly dealing with commas and try to find 2-3 seconds for Hiroki to catch a deeper breath. This is not all when it comes to the combat system, because during the game our arsenal also expands with ranged weapons. At the beginning, these are knives that deal little damage, then a quite effective bow, and finally, firearms that can even place two weaker enemies on the line of fire.Besides, not only steel, because the opponents we defeat on the way to redeem our wines, there are several classes, and each of them has a slightly different fighting style. Some opponents are fast, but not very resistant to blows, others have thick armor and although their blows are easier to parry, they can break through our guard, dealing massive damage. There are also warriors fighting with a halberd, archers who keep us at bay, shooters with firearms, infected, resembling zombies, or phantoms that disappear before our eyes to attack us from the other side a moment later. Nobody can be underestimated and we often have to switch to a slightly different fighting style in a fraction of a second.

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Trek To Yomi

Paradoxically, the weakest opponents throughout the game are the bosses with whom the battles end in the chapters. It was much more difficult for me to break through the massive attacks of a group of weaker opponents than to fight one big, theoretically strongest enemy. In fact, only the final confrontation affected me so much that I had to repeat it. This state of affairs is greatly influenced by the health record and regeneration system. Both issues are the same and only take place after reaching special chapels. Their placement is not fully thought out and one time they are very close to each other, although there was no danger nearby, another time, to reach the next shrine, we have to travel a long way and defeat a whole horde of various opponents.

I don’t think I will surprise anyone if I say now that fighting in Trek To Yomi is the most important element of the game, but if I add that the second important element is exploration, it probably doesn’t seem so obvious. How is it, exploration in a side-scroll game? Yes. Although the clashes take place in a two-dimensional perspective, many locations receive artificial three-dimensional, i.e. the so-called 2.5D. We can visit many hidden nooks and crannies, enter optional buildings, and sometimes even discover alternative paths, where we have the opportunity to deal with a group of enemies, e.g. by destroying a dam or throwing a heavy load on their heads. But this is not the most important thing in exploration. When licking walls, we find permanent enhancements for our health or stamina, as well as arrows and projectiles for ranged defense, as well as artifacts that bring us closer to Japanese myths. Exploration is therefore crucial to the development of our hero. Trek To Yomi

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At the beginning, I wrote that the graphics of Trek To Yomi captivated me from the first material and I must admit that this state continued during each chapter. The binding of Polish production is a real diamond, which does not reflect its charm even in half in screenshots or even in trailers.In artistic and technical terms, it is flawlessly implemented. Even for a moment, I did not get tired of teaching the monochrome setting, or the impression of a secondary location. Every next minute spent in the world of Trek To Yomi is a feast for the eyes and also for our ears. The musical setting is flawlessly selected and in combination with Japanese voice acting, it is a very important component of the unique atmosphere. At the end of the game, there were individual unspoken issues or gaps in Polish subtitles, but these are trifles that should be quickly fixed with the premiere patch. Trek To Yomi

Technically, I also have nothing to complain about. The game runs smoothly and there were no major bugs or bugs affecting the gameplay. Flying Wild Hog’s latest production is pampered like no other game for the premiere. Trek To Yomi is my contender for the best India game of the year. We really rarely have the opportunity to play the original title with beautiful, artistic graphics, which at the same time offers an interesting combat system and demanding gameplay. Although the developers did not avoid minor shortcomings, they are not able to erase the good impressions that accompanied me during the game. Trek To Yomi is a very good game that, even on the day of its release, is worth more than we have to pay for it.

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