WarioWare Review: Get It Together! Madness rushed with madness

Wario, one of the arch enemies of the plumber Mario, lived to see a lot of games with his participation. WarioWare Gold, the last installment of the series, was released three years ago on 3DS and received good reviews, although it sold very poorly. Does the next title, WarioWare: Get It Together !, which this time appeared on Nintendo Switch, have a chance to beat its predecessor in every respect?

WarioWare: Get It Together! is a game, or basically a collection of mini-games, which aims to test our reflexes in more or less absurd challenges. At the beginning of the game, however, we learn the story – Wario set himself the goal of creating the game. However, a lot of bugs got into the code and he and his team get sucked into it. The only way out, therefore, is to wade through the mini-games they designed. The main campaign takes about an hour and a half, and when we add another, short expansion, we get to know the finale of the story after a little over two hours. However, this is not the end of the fun, in fact, it is just the beginning.

WarioWare Get It Together

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Wario with his team, which includes known from the previous games of the series, among others Mona programmer, Ashley the witch, or the brilliant Dr. Crygor moves around the game, encountering other team members and takes part in their mini-games. First, the player must choose between 3 and 5 heroes, and then the action begins. The game consists of a series of mini-games lasting a few seconds. These, as well as the heroes taking part in them, are selected randomly, thanks to which each game looks completely different. The games themselves rely on reflexes and perceptiveness, it is a test of gray cells and finger dexterity at the same time. A board with the command appears (eg “Defend”, “Collect”, “Avoid”, “Leave”) and we have to find out in no time what is going on. The games are repeated, of course, but as you progress through the boards successively, the pace of the games increases and, consequently, the level of difficulty. However, if we include a hack, we usually have a chance to get back – our hero has four lives, and any other lives can be bought for coins collected during the game.

Wario with his team which includes known from the previous games

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A wide range of different characters also works great in mini-games, although the randomness in the selection of boards means that the characters may sometimes not fit them at all. It is difficult to win the boards in which we have to move, for example, by playing with the 18-Volt unable to walk, which only throws discs. However, it will be perfect for defending the ball flying towards the basket. They do not consider randomness and the idea of ​​the game a disadvantage, but it cannot be denied that some characters are much more useful than others. There was probably no more balance in the mini-games to be fully happy.

A wide range of different characters also works great in minigames although

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The audiovisual setting harmonizes with the madness on the screen.The characters look wonderful, the line is very pleasing to the eye, but only the backgrounds show how much good work has been done, with a touch of creativity, of course. In the background, we play with sounds taken straight from Japanese game shows, setting up the pace and making us feel the atmosphere.

What after the campaign? You sit down alone or with your friends and keep playing. For the first time in the series’ long history, WarioWare: Get It Together! allows up to four players to participate together in mini-games. Playing hand in hand can add even more chaos to the fun, but that’s what this game is all about. In addition to the plot, there is a so-called A Variety Pack that offers several challenges to compete and cooperate with. We can try to play volleyball, there is Duelius Maximus, where in a series of mini-games we compete until someone loses all their lives, and many others that will help create an interesting party. The only downside is that only the end of the campaign unlocks the Variety Pack, so you have to earn it. The Wario Cup has also been added to the game, in which the developers plan to add weekly challenges rewarding with trophies, coins and rewards based on the results. The mode offers online rankings, so those who are eager for a really specific competition also have something to count on. You need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to take the challenge.

What after the campaign

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The last thing worth noting is the customization of the heroes. For the collected coins, we can unlock skins for our characters, but also colors, to, for example, paint our team in uniform colors. It’s kind of crap, but of course it’s always a joy – implementing something like this does not take much time, but it gives any sense of further playing or collecting coins.

All in all, WarioWare: Get It Together! is a great production, another one from the wide Nintendo collection, for which it is worth buying a Nintendo Switch console. Sure, there will be skeptics, many will turn their noses at this type of productions (and the console itself), but I have no doubt that it’s just worth it. For the owners of the switch, who, however, hesitate to buy the game, I simply recommend the demo – in my opinion, however, it is a great title for short games or meetings with friends. It’s worth practicing your reflexes and having a good time.

All in all WarioWare Get It Together

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