What gift to choose for a fan of the Marvel universe?

Choosing gifts can be cumbersome, especially if the gifted person holds “everything” or “needs nothing.” How much can you repeat buying fun socks or Christmas fragrances. Delikwent likes superhero movies? Today I will tell you what gift to choose for a fan of the Marvel universe.

Piggy bank with Thor’s hammer

Piggy bank Thor’s hammer Marvel

The Mjölnir piggy bank, at first glance, does not even look like a piggy bank. This is a first-class figurine that will decorate any collector’s shelf. It is made with great detail and attention to detail. A brilliant touch is setting the hammer on the rock, as if it were stuck in it. The gift will work for a person who constantly sets aside money for new gadgets.

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Groot mug

Groot Marvel mug

A cup with Groot will make every winter morning, even the coldest and darkest. I think the coffee will taste even better in it. It can hold 250 ml, which is quite a standard amount of liquid. This is another product where attention to detail comes first – just look at the texture of the cup. It will surely appeal to fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Iron Man lamp

Iron Man Marvel wall lamp

Is it gifted at the stage of finishing an office, bedroom or gaming room? The wall lamp with Iron Man will surely cause shouts of admiration. It is powered by AAA batteries, so it does not require any special electrical connections. The set includes everything necessary to (immediately) place the gift on the wall. In the set, in addition to the lamp, there is also a special sticker that introduces a 3d element, which makes it seem that Iron Man’s helmet is stuck into the wall. This gift is sure to cause a sensation.

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Thor’s Stormbreaker electronic ax

Marvel Legends Thor’s Ax – Stormbreaker

Illuminated Stormbreaker made in 1: 1 scale. Could a Marvel fan ask for more? I’m sure every fan knows the Endgame scene where Thor showed up with an ax and took to the fight against Thanos. So far, the very thought gives me shivers. The electronic Stormbreaker is an investment, but one hundred percent worth it. And maybe make such a gift for yourself, from yourself …

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Iron Man piggy bank

Iron Man Marvel piggy bank

If the recipient professes the cult of Iron Man or strives to be Tony Stark in real life, you must give him this piggy bank. Somehow you have to make a huge fortune for Stark Industries! This is another gift on the list that will also work as a decorative element on a shelf. A great gift for collectors.

Board game X-Men: Mutant Rise

Board game X-Men: Mutant Rise

X-Men: Mutant Rise is a gift idea for people who are less interested in the collector’s part and more enjoying spending time together and having a good company.Together with the other heroes, you will go on a mission to save the world. In practice, the game is based on throwing dice, so young players will like it – due to the fairly simple rules and mechanics of the game. A big plus for great graphics inspired by older comics.

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Thanos mug

Thanos Marvel mug

A cup with Thanos is sure to attract many people’s attention. Are you the boss and you have employees under you? Let them know that a flick of your fingers is enough … And seriously, the glove with infinity stones will hold up to 350 ml, which is quite a good portion of a drink. It is accurately reproduced and painted in such a way as to reproduce the glove from the films.

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