World of Warships celebrates its 6th birthday!

Wargaming, the creators and publishers of the most popular naval battle game, World of Warships, have announced that starting Friday, a powerful new 0.10.8 update is available for the game’s 6th birthday!

6 years of World of Warships!

To start the celebration, players can check out the “6 Years of World of Warships” collection and start assembling the 60-piece giant puzzle devoted to the most important events in the history of the game. Puzzles can be obtained from special event containers that are available in the Armory for Anniversary Tokens. Containers can also be obtained in new mission sets and by participating in the competition of design offices. Completion rewards include a Super Container, 6 Birthday Containers, the 6 Years of World of Warships Flag, and Tokens. Additionally, players will earn valuable rewards by playing on ships of Tier V and above!

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A new temporary game mode – Convoy!

The update also brings a new gameplay mode – Convoy! It is based on real events in the 20th seas and oceans. century. Sea convoys were very popular, and conflicts were decided by the reaching or sinking of transport ships. Now players will be able to experience these emotions the hard way. One team will escort and the other will try to halt the convoy.

Cooperation with TRANSFORMERS.

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World of Warships has teamed up with Hasbro to give players a second collaboration with this popular brand. To celebrate 35 years in the iconic Transformers animated film market, Wargaming is releasing new franchise-inspired content. Four characters will be available in the game – Hot Rod, Grimlock, Starscream and Soundwave. Collaboration includes permanent and temporary camouflages, commanders with their unique voices, flags and patches.

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New Dutch and Soviet ships!

As of today, new Dutch cruisers have left Early Access and are now available to all players. They depart from the historic port of Rotterdam, faithfully reproduced in the game. These units have a new weapon – air strike. In addition, they have good concealment, maneuverability, strong guns and solid armor at higher tiers. Soviet aircraft carriers, on the other hand, went into early access. Komsomolets (Tier IV), Serov (Tier VI) and Pobeda (Tier VIII) are available for a new temporary currency – Soviet Tokens. Equipped with powerful squadrons that deal a lot of damage with a single attack, they have booster missiles and bombers… they will definitely be quite a threat. Soviet Tokens can be earned in the Design Bureau by activating the Daily Free Bundles or exchanged for Community Tokens in the Armory.

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